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Laser Focused – How to Avoid Distractions When Working Remotely

The Coronavirus pandemic forced many companies to implement remote working policies due to mandatory state at home orders. In this situation, it’s important to stay productive when telecommuting. Avoiding any distractions from roommates, family members, and/or pets obviously helps in this regard 

With forging a productive workspace at your residence in mind, here are a few tips on limiting distractions when working from home. After all, if you prove to your employer you accomplish as much when telecommuting as you did in the office, remote working just might become your new normal.  

Craft a Morning Routine Focused on Self-Care  

Simply getting out of bed and sitting down at your desk to start work isn’t the right approach when working from home. Instead, develop a morning routine to help focus your thoughts and prepare for a productive day at the home office. This approach includes an exercise session, time spend in meditation, and eating a hearty breakfast. 

Use the time formerly spent in commuting for this purpose. And make sure you follow this routine each and every day for a positive impact on your productivity level.  

Save TV Time and Household Chores for the Evening  

While working from home, it’s tempting to spend time watching TV, playing videogames, or even doing some household chores. Frankly, this attitude is wrong if you want to focus on your work duties. Resist that temptation, keep your head down, and simply work. There’s enough time outside of the workday for leisure activities and home improvement tasks. 

Manage Your Work Communication Wisely  

Strong communication is the lifeblood of IT teams that are working remotely. Expect to spend a significant amount of time in videoconferences, chat sessions, and emails. Still, communicating in this fashion tends to distract you from your actual work.  

Manage this situation by allocating a period of time – perhaps five minutes every half-hour – for answering emails and messages. Encourage your coworkers to follow a similar practice. Of course, your managers play a big role in setting policies for responding to messages during the workday. 

A Schedule for Children is a Must  

If you are charged with wrangling your children while at home, staying focused on work becomes more difficult. To manage this situation, create a schedule of fun activities for your kids to follow each day while you are working. This is a must if they are done with school for the year. 

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