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The New Normal – How to Conduct Efficient Remote Interviews

As many tech companies embrace remote working in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, interviews are increasingly being conducted in a virtual fashion. This approach is also rapidly becoming the new normal for companies with newly permanent telecommuting policies. After all, these firms no longer need to limit their candidate pool to local IT pros.  

With an eye towards an effective virtual interview process and making a successful hire, here are a few tips on conducting remote interviews. Leverage these insights to get the best possible read on each candidate, so the right hiring decision is made. 

Craft a Well-Considered Interview Process and Follow It  

Conducting successful remote interviews becomes easier with a plan and a process. Work with your HR team to formulate this process and ensure each candidate understands the reasons why. Parts of this plan include standardized interview questions and the technology stack used to conduct and record the interviews. Additionally, if using videoconferencing for the interview, inform the candidate beforehand so they download the necessary software.  

Test Your Company’s Remote Interview Technology  

Speaking of technology, make sure your team spends time testing the tools used for remote interviews. Cameras, videoconferencing apps, Internet upload speed, latency and lighting within the interview space all need to be vetted. This testing ensures the company makes a positive impression on every candidate.  

Hone a Pitch Focused on Your Company Culture  

Even in a job market with a high unemployment rate, the best technology candidates with certain skills remain in demand. Because of this, you need to pitch the positive qualities of your organization’s culture to each candidate. This becomes doubly important without being able to give candidates a tour of your office space. 

Work with your HR team and other managers to craft this pitch aimed at giving the best possible impression of your company to candidates. Make sure everyone conducting remote interviews follows this same pitch. 

A Professional and Personable Interview Approach Still Matters  

Even though the interview is being conducted remotely, your team needs to give a professional, yet personable impression to candidates. Dress appropriately, make natural contact, and speak clearly – similar advice also traditionally given to interviewees. Take notes about the candidate’s reaction to the remote interview process, so your team can make improvements moving forward.  

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