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Facing Monday – 5 Ways You Can Find Motivation Sunday Night

Many tech professionals suffer dread those long Sunday nights due to the new work week right around the corner. It’s been this way for many decades, as evidenced by the rock classic “I Don’t Like Mondays.” Still, it’s important to be productive each and every day at the office. 

Here are a few tips for getting inspired before starting work Monday morning. This advice is sure to help you accomplish more each week, something your bosses will appreciate. You just might get a raise or a promotion as a result. 

Figure Out Why You Hate Mondays  

Identifying why you hate going into work on Monday morning is a good first step in handling the problem. Are you overworked and having difficulty dealing with stress? If so, consider regular mediation sessions. Spend a long time meditating on Sunday, and follow that up with a quick session early on Monday. This effort is great for lowering your stress levels. 

Getting Enough Sleep is Critical For a Productive Monday  

If you suffer through Mondays at the office – and other days as well – are you getting enough sleep each night? Studies show at least 7 to 9 hours is essential for working professionals. Make it a point to try and get at least this amount on Sunday night to ensure a productive Monday. 

Take Time to Recharge Your Batteries  

As noted earlier, being overworked is a leading cause of burnout and stressful Mondays at the office. So be sure to enjoy a full weekend of fun activities to help recharge your batteries. Once again, this includes getting a full allotment of sleep each weekend night. Fresh batteries give you enough motivation to start Monday with a bang! 

Use Friday Afternoon to Plan Your Monday Morning  

Going into work on Monday without plan doesn’t help your overall mood. Before the end of the day on Friday, spend some time planning your Monday activities. This is another tactic sure to keep you productive throughout the beginning of the week. 

Understand What Best Motivates You  

A little self-analysis to figure out how to best motivate yourself is critical every workday – especially Monday. For some professionals, answering emails is a good task to start the week. Others might prefer doing some research or analytical work. Understanding yourself is ultimately the key to your own productivity level. 

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