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Lessons Learned From COVID – How to Move Your Company Forward

With the Coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world, the overall business community changed in a myriad of ways. As companies begin to reopen in the wake of COVID, many found remote working to be a valid option for a productive organization. The opportunities to save money on office rentals are definitely attractive to some businesses. 

That’s one example of a lesson learned due to businesses adapting to the pandemic. Let’s take a look at a few other tips on how to move your company forward after the effects of the Coronavirus wane. These insights are essential to any successful organization. 

A Single Source of Communication is Essential  

Multiple sources reporting on the Coronavirus exist in the media as well as in some larger businesses. Because of the potential for misinformation, it’s important for companies to provide their employees with a single source of information on COVID-19. David Berger, senior vice president of communications at Wells Fargo, commented on his organization’s approach.  

“I couldn’t imagine what would have happened since things have developed if we had individual teams posting their own information. It would be chaotic and high-risk for the company,” said Berger. He also noted that using senior executives as a communication source is essential. Wells Fargo’s COO was the face of their response. 

Three Priorities For a Corporate Coronavirus Response  

It’s important for companies to quickly prioritize the most important items in any pandemic response. Novartis Pharmaceuticals’ top priorities include: 

  • Business continuity. This includes a plan on implementing remote work while figuring out new ways to perform business functions. 
  • Associate engagement. Essentially keeping employees engaged and connected when working from home. 
  • Community investment. Largely involving efforts to support those medical professionals working on the frontlines of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Of course, the third priority relates to Novartis’s place within the healthcare industry. Still, following all three makes sense for nearly all organizations, no matter their size or business sector. 

A Flexible Approach Works Best  

Companies and their management teams need to remain flexible as employees get used to staying productive during a pandemic. Northwestern Mutual continues to follow this approach, according to Mick Trevey, senior director of communications and corporate engagement. For example, he noted company managers are understanding if kids or pets show up during a corporate videoconference. Ultimately, a flexible and supportive approach works best.  

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