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Accept That LinkedIn Request: How to Build Your Career Through Networking

No matter your chosen career path, you need to focus on networking to ensure a successful professional life. This network might help you by offering an answer to a tough technical question that has you stumped. It also makes a difference when it comes time to look for a new job with word about a great opportunity. 

In the end, a robust network helps you immeasurably, so always consider accepting that LinkedIn request. With career success in mind, here are a few insights on how to forge a strong professional network. Leverage these ideas to keep your professional life trending upward.  

Make LinkedIn The Core of Your Professional Networking Efforts  

Obviously, LinkedIn needs to reside at the center of your professional network, especially when considering social media. As such, keep your profile up to date; as it essentially serves as an online version of your résumé. Regularly interact with other connections on the network by liking and commenting on their posts and activity. 

Additionally, join any LinkedIn Group that matches your career interests. This approach remains a great way to add new connections to your network. It’s also a great source for technical insights and potential new innovations you can apply to your own projects at work.  

Should I Accept Every LinkedIn Request?  

While accepting most LinkedIn requests makes sense if you want to build a large network, take a few minutes to peruse a potential connection’s profile before clicking accept. This is especially wise when you don’t personally know the personIf you share many common connections, that’s a good sign that they are legitimate and likely a worthy member of your network 

Ultimately, the more connections and the larger your professional network, the more value it provides. The benefits are numerous when it comes time to look for a new position. Still, trust referrals more from the contacts with whom you are closest. This rule also applies when considering adding a connection as a reference when applying for a job. 

Advice When Reaching Out to Thought Leaders on LinkedIn  

Also, connecting with industry thought leaders is a great idea when seeking the latest information on new technical innovations. Take care when reaching out to these professionals. A polite approach always works best. Who knows, maybe someday you’ll also be considered a thought leader in your profession 

Ready to build your career?

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