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Resource Library: 10 TED Talks For Your Engineering Workforce

Keeping your engineering staff inspired and engaged helps improve their morale and productivity level. Leveraging TED Talks for this purpose talks provides your team insights into the latest trends and innovations within the overall technology world. They remain a great resource for any engineering company. 

Here is a list of some engineering-related TED Talks to add to your company’s shortlist. Perhaps one of them provides a spark of inspiration for a great new product idea?  

Combining Art and Engineering  

Engineering projects that are also works of art rank high among the industry’s greatest achievements. Veteran special effects artist, Bran Ferren gave a TED Talk about the possibilities when engineers work with artists towards a common goal. It’s something worth viewing to inspire some creativity among your team. 

A 19th Century Steampunk Computer   

Charles Babbage’s analytical engine was a 19th Century computing device actually powered by steam. It’s the topic of a historically interesting TED Talk given by science history advocate, John Graham-Cumming.  

Electronic “Legos” Teach Kids Engineering  

Ayah Bdeir is the founder of littleBits, a company that makes Lego-like building blocks aimed at teaching kids the basics of electronics and engineering. littleBits are used in everything from robots to music synthesizers. Her TED Talk provides an overview of a very interesting product line.   

Designing an All-Terrain Wheelchair  

Building an all-terrain wheelchair was the goal of a project by Amos Winter and a team of MIT researchers. He presented a TED Talk covering their important work improving accessibility for the disabled.  

Metal That Breathes For a Greener Planet  

Thermo-bimetals are a new type of building materials able to dynamically react to the weather. It’s a fledgling technology with the hope of reducing energy costs. Doris Kim Sung gave a TED Talk on the topic.  

Devising a 21st Century User Interface  

Sean Follmer is a human-computer interface researcher. His TED Talk looks at the promise of shape-shifting interfaces for interacting with computing devices.  

Failed Projects Still Have Value  

The uniquely named Astro Teller formerly worked at Google X, the tech giant’s laboratory for innovative project ideas. He presented a TED Talk that explained why their many project failures still provided significant value 

Our Robotic Future  

Someday soon, expect robots to achieve critical mass, providing humanity with a myriad of benefits. Rodney Brooks gave a TED Talk covering this somewhat controversial topic.  

A Solar-Powered Trip Around The World  

Bertrand Piccard wants to fly around the world in a solar-powered plane. His TED Talk offers insights on a project sure to inspire engineers. 

Creating The Next Generation of Inventors   

Co-founder of the Imperial College Design Collective, Joachim Horn created a new toolset used to quickly design new inventions. His TED Talk goes into a more detail on something to inspire creativity among engineers. 

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