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Didn’t Get Hired – What Do I Do Now?

So you crafted a compelling résumé that earned you an interview with a top tech company in your area. After spending time practicing your interviewing techniques and studying the company in question – as well as your own professional background – you felt you nailed the interview. But unfortunately, despite your best effort, the job offer went to some other candidate. 

After this disappointment, it’s important to brush yourself off and get back into the game. Thank the company for the opportunity to interview and move on to the next open position that piques your interest. Here are a few tips on how to move forward after not earning the job offer you wanted. 

Focus on the Positives of Your Job Search  

Of course, keeping a good attitude is an essential part of any job search. As such, focus on the positive aspects of your recent effort. As we noted earlier, your résumé, and the skills and experience it highlighted, attracted the eye of the hiring manager at this company.  

Even getting called in for an interview illustrated what you bring to the table to any potential employer. So don’t wallow in any false perception of failure. Continue looking for a great company looking for IT talent and keep sending out your résumés. Success is right around the corner! 

Get Feedback on Your Interview Performance and Candidacy  

Try to get feedback from the company about your overall candidacy. Do so in a positive and professional manner, while thanking your contact for the chance to interview. If you worked with a staffing agency for this position, your recruiter is another great source for this kind of feedback. 

Use any information to improve your efforts for the next time out. Perhaps the company felt you were great, but they decided to rehire a former employee or someone who’s friends with the manager? The most important point is to move on to the next opportunity without guilt or anger. 

Find Similar Open Positions 

Remember, there are likely other great opportunities available at companies with similar office cultures. Reach out to your professional network to inquire about any open positions. Once again, if you are working with a recruiter, talk to them about looking for the same type of position. Persistence and a positive attitude definitely pay off in the end.  


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