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Didn’t Get Hired – What Do I Do Now?

Congratulations on hiring a great technology candidate who is likely to make a significant impact on your company’s operations. At this time, a well-considered onboarding process is critical to make the new hire productive as quickly as possible. Companies with a poorly-defined process risk the new employee falling behind, and never quite fitting in with the rest of your team. 

In the end, the streamlined onboarding of new hires needs to be part of any company’s overall staffing process. Anything less and you aren’t getting the most out of your investment. Here are a few ideas on how to make onboarding more efficient.  

Onboarding isn’t the Same as Orientation  

Some companies feel that orientation is synonymous with onboarding. This isn’t the case. In fact, orientation is only one part of onboarding. Any onboarding process must also include everything from filling out insurance and tax paperwork to the initial training of a new hire. Understanding the onboarding process is essential when streamlining it. 

A Mentorship Program is Critical  

A formalized mentorship program where a new hire works closely with a fellow employee in a similar job role needs to be part of any onboarding process. This allows that new employee to come up to speed more quickly compared to a more solitary approach. It also helps them feel more comfortable and a true part of the team. 

Use an Online Portal for “Paperwork”  

Leveraging an online portal to handle the variety of HR forms new hires are faced with definitely streamlines the onboarding process. They are now able to fill out all their paperwork before their first day. This approach is absolutely essential when hiring remote workers.  

Set Meaningful Short-Term Goals  

Your managers need to set a few short-term goals to help new hires contribute quickly to the company’s project work. Work with their assigned mentor to come up with goals commensurate with the new employee’s skills and experience. For software engineers, a few paired-programming tasks are a great first assignment for a fresh hire. 

A Collaborative Approach to Onboarding Works Best  

An onboarding team made up of the new hire, their mentor, and the manager of both is the right approach. This allows a measure of interaction between all three, ensuring a smooth transition from new employee to valued contributor. It’s a great plan for any company that thrives on collaboration. 


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