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Make a Great First Impression – 5 Stellar Job Interview Tips

Congratulations are in order. Your detailed tech résumé and personalized cover letter earned an interview with a top company known for a great culture. Now the real work begins, as you need to prepare for an interview that you hope results in a job offer. Remember, making a great first impression gives you the best chance.

With an eye towards earning a job offer (or a second interview), here are a few stellar job interview tips. Leverage these ideas when preparing for the big day. Whether the interview is in-person or online, a great performance is a must!

Dress Professionally – Even With a Remote Interview

You always need to dress professionally for any interview – onsite or a virtual interview due to the pandemic. Take extra care to ensure your hygiene is also great. The bottom line is simple: you don’t want to make a poor first impression on the interviewer. Additionally, don’t worry about overdressing for an interview with a company that has a casual dress code.

Never Be Late for an Interview

Being late for an interview likely ruins your chances at a job offer. If you are unfamiliar with the interview location, research the area traffic patterns so you don’t get stuck in a jam. Try to arrive at least 15 minutes early for your scheduled time, but no earlier. If arriving before that, spend the extra time reviewing your résumé, or in meditation to calm your nerves.

Research the Company in Question and Your Professional Background

Spend significant time before the interview researching both the company and the contents of your résumé. Understanding the company’s background allows you to ask a meaningful question or two when prompted; also be sure to remember the name of the interviewer. Having your own professional history at the top of your mind lets you answer clearly and confidently when asked relevant questions.

Positive Body Language is Essential

Display positive body language throughout the interview. This includes making natural eye contact, smiling, offering firm handshakes during an in-person interview, and speaking with confidence. Don’t slouch in your chair or look away from the interviewer when answering. Once again, a confident air helps your overall performance.

Show Enthusiasm for The Open Position

Companies want to hire candidates who are enthusiastic about their careers. So make sure to show enthusiasm for the opportunity to interview for the company’s open position. When combined with a positive attitude, your chances at a job offer are definitely raised.

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