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4 Ways to Use Social Media to Find Top Talent

In today’s modern business world, sourcing talent increasingly happens over social media, especially in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. If your company wants to find the best technology candidates, perusing these channels is a must for your HR team. Remember, the tech job market is still one favoring those seeking work, so a proactive approach is a must.

With a successful hire mind, here are some insights on using social media as a source for exemplary technology candidates. Leverage these ideas to keep your candidate pool overflowing with great professionals. It’s the right approach to finding talent.

Leverage Social Media to Research Potential Candidates

Social media is a useful resource for researching candidates for your company’s open position. LinkedIn especially provides valuable insights into someone’s technical skills and professional experience. Use LinkedIn’s filters and alerts to find tech pros specifically matching the skill set your organization needs.

Over the last five years, more candidates now expect hiring managers and recruiters to research their online presence. So be sure your HR staff understands how to use LinkedIn to successfully find and connect with technology talent.

Use Hashtags When Posting New Open Positions

Tech pros looking for work typically use hashtags and keywords to denote their IT skills, as it makes it easier for recruiters to find them online. This same concept works in reverse for companies posting an open position. Pepper your job descriptions with hashtags to ensure candidates with the right skill set find the posting and apply for work. Expect a more qualified candidate pool as a result.

Building Relationships Using Social Media is Essential

Social networks provide a great resource for building relationships with technology professionals – even if they aren’t a candidate for an open position. Beyond LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are also useful for this purpose. Don’t always promote your organization, but use a more subtle approach by talking about current project work and providing insights into the company culture. You never know when one of these relationships pays off with an application for a job at your company.

Use Analytics to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Online Recruiting Efforts

Of course, it helps to perform data analysis to measure the quality of your online candidate outreach. Google Analytics provides a host of useful data for this purpose. This information highlights the popular posts and topics attractive to potential candidates.

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