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5 Tips to Bring The Best Out of Your Team

Keeping your technology team as productive as possible remains the goal of any IT manager. After all, tech leaders are judged by successfully completing projects on schedule, providing exemplary services levels, and meeting their budgets. Forging a rewarding career managing IT professionals requires a skillful approach to inspiring your team.

With improved productivity as a goal, here are a few tips aimed at getting the most out of your technology team. Leverage these insights to help you earn a reputation as a successful tech manager. Perhaps the corner office lies somewhere in your future?

Employee Development is Critical

Technology professionals generally boast a strong desire to learn new skills. When not provided an opportunity for employee development, don’t be surprised if they look elsewhere for a company known for providing a career ladder. Because of this cold, hard fact, your organization needs to offer a robust training program and a generous tuition reimbursement policy.

Help Your Employees Find the Right Career Path

It’s important to provide your employees with a career path compatible with their professional dreams. Work with everyone on your team to find out their hopes and help each to devise a set of medium and long-term goals to achieve them. Having a great training program and tuition reimbursement benefit discussed earlier now comes into play.

Let Your Team Regularly Pitch New Ideas

Being open to new ideas from your employees remains a great way to inspire their creativity. This approach is also perfect for fostering a company culture focused on internal entrepreneurship. Offering constructive feedback when new concepts are pitched also helps improve the overall quality of their brainstorming.

Timely Feedback is Important

Speaking of feedback, don’t wait until an annual review to let your employees know how they are doing. Timely feedback is an essential part of improving performance throughout the year. Providing bonuses for successfully completing a project also incents a higher productivity level.

Team-Building Exercises are Also Important

Hold regular team-building activities with your employees – including both in the office and external social activities. It helps foster a sense of community among your staff and serves well to keep your retention rate – and productivity – as high as possible. Making your company a fun place to work also helps attract new candidates.

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