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Soft Skills That Are Essential For Your IT Career

To be a successful technology professional, obviously, you need to possess the technical skills that companies want. However, businesses increasingly want well-rounded employees able to combine technical acumen with the soft skills necessary to thrive in the workplace. These skills include leadership, problem-solving, communication, and more.

With an eye towards a rewarding IT career, here is a closer look at the essential soft skills you need for success. Use this information to get the right training or experience to make you an in-demand technology professional. Perhaps a corner office lies in your future?

Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills

The technology world continues to become more collaborative in nature, with Agile and DevOps methodologies leading the way. This places the onus on tech pros to hone their verbal and written communication skills.

Consider joining a Toastmasters chapter to improve your public speaking ability. Publishing your own blog or writing regular articles on LinkedIn helps boost your writing skills. You also gain the extra benefit of building your professional network as more people read your work.

Creativity is a Critical Skill in IT

Being able to devise a creative solution is another valued soft skill in the IT world. Creativity helps you thrive as a software engineer or a technical writer. Of course, it’s essentially a requirement when working in web design.

Leadership and Project Management are Vital

Companies want to develop leadership acumen from within, so they are always on the lookout for talented technology professionals with the ability to lead. Moving into project management also puts you on a fast track to an executive position, if that’s your goal. Simply being a valuable senior-level technical employee with the ability to lead teams and mentor coworkers is also greatly desired.

Problem Solving Ability Helps You Succeed in Technology

The ability to solve problems is another soft skill companies want. It makes a difference whether you are fixing a critical bug in an application or figuring out the reason for poor network performance. Don’t be afraid to tinker around on projects and leverage a trial and error approach to hone this skill.

Curiosity Helps You Learn New Technologies

Companies also want tech employees blessed with the curiosity that makes it easy for them to quickly learn new things. Remember, in any tech career, the learning only ends on the day of your retirement!

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