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Looking Ahead – How to Set Goals For Your Management Team

Ensuring your managers have meaningful professional development goals boosts the overall productivity and success of any organization. It’s an approach that enables them to provide a similar sense of direction and responsibility to their own direct reports. Ultimately, when an entire company focuses on building their skills, expect a boost in employee morale and other tangible benefits as a result.

With a successful organization in mind, here are a few insights on effectively setting development goals for the management team. Leveraging these insights puts your business on a fast track to a culture known for productivity and employee development. Is an improved retention rate in your future?

Improved Communication is an Important Goal For Managers

Encourage your managerial team to set a goal to better hone their verbal and written communication skills. This is especially important when these managers meet with clients and customers, in addition to benefiting interactions with direct reports. In the latter case, improved communication helps them work with each team member to craft their own set of short-term and long-term goals.

Setting Measurable Goals Helps Track Progress

Managers need a few measurable goals as these provide the means to track progress towards achieving them. For example, setting a goal for all your managers to improve their coaching skills offers a usable metric by tracking overall employee productivity. Following up by each manager giving their direct reports a set of actionable goals – with personalized coaching to help achieve them – improves performance on a company-wide basis.

A Managerial Goal to Improve Employee Retention Rate is Wise

Many factors contribute to a company’s retention rate, including employee professional satisfaction and a great managerial team. Making an improved retention rate a goal for your managers incents them to work harder in ensuring their direct reports receive the necessary support to build successful careers within your organization. Of course, avoiding the costs incurred when a current employee leaves also benefits your organization.

Provide Motivational Training For Your Managerial Team

The best managers are able to inspire their direct reports to achieve higher levels of success. In addition to setting goals for your managers, also provide them the motivational training they need to become more inspirational leaders. Once again, it’s a great way to make your entire company more productive.

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