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Show Off Your Experience on Your Résumé

Of course, a well-crafted résumé plays a critical role when searching for a new technology job. In addition to clearly detailing your tech skills using the latest keywords, you also need to include your tangible professional experience. Hiring managers want to know all about the positive impacts you made for previous employers.

With an eye towards a successful IT job search, here are a few tips and tricks on how to denote your professional experience on a résumé. Leverage these insights to quickly identify yourself as the right candidate for any company’s open position. Soon that great technology job will be yours!

Tailor Your Résumé to Meet The Needs of The Open Position

When applying directly for an open IT position, personalize your résumé to highlight the skills and experience you possess that match the needs of the company. This approach gives you the best shot at drawing notice from the hiring manager. So make it a point to closely read the job description in their ad, and use this information to emphasize certain experiences and skills.

Remember, companies sometimes receive upwards of 100 or more applications after posting a job. So including relevant experience in an easy-to-read format gives you the best chance at an interview opportunity.

Include Facts and Figures When Detailing Your Experience

Hiring managers want to see how made a difference throughout your career. So if your coding efforts improved an application’s response time by a significant percentage, detail those figures. Numbers tend to stand out more than text on a résumé, so this tactic definitely attracts the attention you want.

Power Words Better Highlight Your Professional History

Power words show action and are a great way to illustrate your impact throughout your tech career. Examples of these words include: improved, reduced, managed, increased, and streamlined. When combined with the facts and figured mentioned earlier, power words position your professional experience in the best possible light.

Ultimately, a résumé containing tangible figures, power words, and tech skills expressed using the latest keywords helps you conduct a fruitful job search. They give you a shot at an interview, providing you a chance to go into more detail on how you can make a positive difference for any company. So go on and update your résumé today!

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