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Redeeming a Bad Hire – What to do When You Hire The Wrong Person

After a long and costly staffing process, your company felt it made the right decision between two equally-qualified candidates. Unfortunately, the new employee simply isn’t productive, even after their onboarding period. It’s almost like the candidate expressed on their résumé and during interviews isn’t the same person.

Is your company out of luck, and simply needs to fire this person and re-engage your hiring efforts? On the other hand, can this employee be redeemed; becoming a valuable member of your staff? Let’s take a closer look at your options when you hire the wrong candidate.

Does the New Employee Work Hard?

If the new hire is giving their full effort but still struggling, are they in the right role for their skill set? Or perhaps your company’s onboarding process lies at the heart of the problem? Meet with the employee and their manager to find out what’s at the root of their poor productivity.

Since hard-working technology professionals are valuable throughout the industry. Try to find another role within your organization that’s a better match for their skill set.

Is a Poor Cultural Fit the Problem?

A cultural mismatch remains a major reason new employees switch jobs within a year. Speak with their manager and coworkers to find out if this is the case. If they make a great cultural fit, once again another role at your company just might be the right solution for their poor start.

Cathy Donahoe, a VP of Human Resources comments on the importance of cultural fit. “Finding a hard-working employee who is also able to seamlessly transition into a company’s unique culture is much more difficult to find. If you’ve found someone who is both, it’s worth the extra resources and time to invest in the kind of employee, because they can ultimately benefit the company’s bottom line,” said Donahoe.

A Transparent Approach to this Issue is Required

Ultimately, your company needs to be upfront with the new employee about this problem. After all, it reflects poorly on your hiring process if a new hire ends up being fired, let alone all those wasted resources. Once again, meet with the employee and their manager to potentially find a solution to the issue. As noted earlier, if they fit in and work hard, find the right role for them on your team.

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