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Performance Evaluations – How to Conduct Employee Reviews

Providing feedback to your employees remains an important task for any managerial team. Reviews need to be constructive, offering any workers needing to improve their efforts a clearly detailed plan for becoming more productive. Rewarding a team member who performed beyond expectations is another must. 

 What follows are a few tips and insights on developing an effective employee review process. Keeping team morale and productivity at their highest requires an open and honest approach to performance reviews. Let’s take a closer look at how to accomplish this goal. 

 Thoroughly Prepare For The Review  

Going into an employee review without the right preparation damages the credibility of feedback. Clearly document any performance metrics of the employee in question. Having this information at your fingertips ensures nothing gets missed during the review.  

Additionally, ensure the contents of the review are in written form. In the end, all employee reviews need to be saved as part of an official record. At the end of the review, provide the employee with their own copy. 

An Employee Review Needs to be Clearly Stated  

Be sure to keep the in-person review clear and concise. This is another reason to spend enough time in preparation for the meeting with your employee. Failure to prepare might lead to a rambling and confusing meeting.  

Leverage the company’s performance metrics to document any negative aspects of the review. The employee also needs to fully understand what’s expected of them moving forward. Once again, craft a plan of action to get any employees with poor reviews quickly back on track. Remember, any negative feedback needs to be constructive 

Two-Way Communication is Important During a Review  

Don’t make an employee review a conversion where the manager does all the talking. Two-way communication where your worker gets a chance to offer their own feedback on their own performance makes the review more effective and meaningful. If the employee refrains from commenting, ask a question or two on the positive aspects of their review to get them out of their shell.  

Don’t Forget to Focus on the Future  

Any employee review – positive or negative – needs to include a plan for the future. Set a few goals for the upcoming year, and periodically check on their progress towards achieving them. Importantly, never wait for a year-end review to offer important employee feedback. 

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