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COVID Changed the Tech Industry. What Skills to Look for When Hiring.

The continuing Coronavirus pandemic is transforming the business world, including the technology industry. Remote working changed from a benefit offered as a perk to a newfound requirement. However, IT companies largely maintained their productivity levels even with a telecommuting workforce.

Still, did the technical and soft skills organizations look for in IT candidates also change, post COVID-19? Let’s look more closely at the different skill sets your company needs to find in this new environment. During these challenging times, any successful organization requires an updated staffing approach.

Cloud and Networking Skills are Needed with Remote Working Prevalent

With the work from home era in full force, employees increasingly access corporate data and applications through the Cloud. Expect this to remain the case even as companies move to a hybrid approach between the office and remote working. Therefore, tech professionals with experience in managing services on AWS, Azure, and other Cloud services are needed.

Demand for Cybersecurity Experience Remains High

Employees using company Cloud services from their home network makes an attractive target for hackers. As such, don’t expect the demand for experienced cybersecurity professionals to decrease any time soon. Plan on providing a generous salary and benefits package to ensure talented InfoSec candidates accept your company’s offer.

Companies Still Want Talented Data Scientists

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, massive amounts of data are available describing the impact of the virus. Companies working in this arena need experienced data scientists able to glean actionable insights from this data. Additionally, programmers with Python and machine learning skills also help meet this demand.

Software Engineers Continue the Digital Transformation

If anything, COVID-19 sped up the current digital transformation instead of the opposite. Talented software engineers are required to craft the systems helping companies thrive in the modern business world. This demand includes web designers, mobile app programmers, and full-stack developers.

Project Managers to Help Usher in Change

As the technology world continues to change, project managers help with this process. Companies want PM talent possessing experience with modern methodologies like Agile and DevOps, as well as their many offshoots. The top managerial talent boasts the right mix of business acumen, technical ability, and soft skills like leadership and communication.

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