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Has Your Candidate Job Hopped? 3 Reasons That Might Not be a Bad Thing.

So you interviewed a great technology candidate with superior skills and a robust amount of professional experience. The only problem is they tend to leave positions after only a year or so. You want to extend them a job offer but remain worried they might bolt after a few months.

This critical question keeps managers from getting a good night’s sleep. If an exemplary candidate is a job hopper, does that mean you forego giving them an offer? Here’s a closer look at why job-hopping isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Let’s help you make the right hiring decision for your company.

Job Hoppers Boast a Variety of Skills on Different Platforms

One important positive for a technology job hopper is their broad IT skillset. These technology professionals typically get exposed to a variety of platforms and tech stacks. If their skills match the needs of your open position, give them the opportunity to prove it.

In most cases, your company searches for a specific skill set for any open position. Ignoring a qualified candidate because they regularly change jobs might leave your firm without anyone to offer a job. In the end, don’t make this mistake.

Diversity is Important in the Workplace

Over the last few years, the importance of employing a diverse technology workforce continues to grow. Job hoppers, working for a myriad of organizations, tend to boast a diverse set of experiences. These kinds of technology professionals fit well within any office culture. Keep this fact in mind when deciding whether to make a job offer.

Hire Technology Professionals That are Risk-Takers With Drive

Job hoppers tend to be risk-takers with a strong drive to succeed. These tech pros typically make a great fit at startup organizations with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Take a closer look at their résumé. Perhaps their constantly changing jobs relates to a history working for other startups?

If your company culture focuses on experimentation with a sense of risk, job hoppers just might be perfect candidates. This case definitely applies to companies doing challenging and innovative work. In this situation, hire technology candidates with strong and verifiable skill sets. Don’t worry as much if they plan to leave after six months to a year.

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