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4 Tips for Leaving a Job That has No Upward Mobility

While you enjoy working for your employer, you feel professionally trapped in your current role. Of course, any forward-looking tech pro simply wants a chance to build a rewarding career. If your job doesn’t provide enough upward mobility, it’s time to look for a chance with a different company.

To find work with a company valuing professional development, check out these tips on leaving your current job. Leverage these ideas to put your IT career on the pathway to success. Maybe a corner office gig awaits you in the future?

Analyze The Situation in Your Current Job

Before starting your job search, you first need to consider your current job role. Perform some self-analysis to determine if you are truly qualified for a promotion.

Are coworkers with similar skills and experience getting opportunities unavailable to you? Have you been in this role for at least one year? If so, you likely need to look elsewhere to the chance you deserve.

Speak With Your Manager

However, before beginning your search, have an in-person meeting with your manager. Be honest about your desire for a promotion. If you regularly mentor coworkers and show leadership potential, remind them of this fact.

At this point, you might get the chance for a promotion in a few months. You may have to wait longer or maybe your boss doesn’t feel you have what it takes? In the latter case, it now becomes time to begin looking for an opportunity elsewhere.

Prepare Your Résumé and Reach Out to Your Professional Network

Of course, a freshly updated résumé is critical when beginning any job search. Emphasize your leadership potential when detailing your professional experience. Highlight any times you mentored coworkers or served as a team lead.

Also connect with trusted members in your professional network. Announce your availability and desire to work for a company that provides a meaningful career ladder. This approach might lead to an opportunity for your dream position.

Work With an Experienced Tech Recruiter

During situations like this, a partnership with a great IT recruiter makes perfect sense. They truly understand your hopes and dreams for your tech career. They also boast connections within the industry, providing access to great job opportunities before the general public.

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