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Not All Temps Get Full-Time Offers. How to Make Yourself Invaluable.

When working on a temporary contract, your ultimate goal might be receiving a full-time job offer from this company. Maybe you like your coworkers and make a great fit with within the organization’s office culture? However, you really need to give full effort, as not all temps get an offer of permanent employment. 

If you are interested in turning a contract gig into a job offer, check out these helpful tips. Showing off your technical skills, hard work, and collaborative nature definitely helps your chances. Leverage these ideas to put your career on a path to success! 

Treat Any Temp Role Like a Permanent Position  

At the risk of sounding obvious, you need to treat any temp position like a permanent job. Be sure to arrive early and stay late, while giving extra effort to ensure any projects finish successfully. If your role involves closing a technical skills gap, be generous with your time when mentoring your coworkers. 

Going the extra mile in this manner definitely gets you noticed by your managers. Also, try to hint that you are interested in a permanent gig with this company. A subtle approach works best in this regard. 

Never Dress More Casual than the Company Standard  

A temporary position is no time to slack off on presenting yourself in a professional manner. Try to at least match the office dress code. When faced with a casual dress code, don’t wear any t-shirts with potentially controversial messaging. Once again, a professional approach to dress and personal hygiene works best. 

Research the Company Before Starting Your Temp Contract  

Always take the time to research any company where you are on a temporary contract. This approach shows your true interest in the organization; providing insight into your desire for a permanent position. Ask a meaningful question or two of your managers to show off your research. 

Develop Relationships with Your Coworkers and Managers  

Becoming a part of the team on a temp contract remains a great way to get that permanent offer. Build meaningful relationships with your coworkers and managers, both inside and outside the office. Go out to lunch with everyone when asked. Definitely take part in any after-hours social activities if invited. Even if you don’t get an offer, adding new colleagues to your professional network helps in the long run.  

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