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4 Benefits of Temp-to-Hire Staffing. Is it Right for Your Company?

If your company finds it difficult to source talented professionals, have you considered hiring temporary contract workers? This approach provides a myriad of benefits to your organization, including the flexibility to add staff when truly necessary. You also potentially gain access to a different set of candidates that prefer working on a contract basis.

With an eye towards a flexible staffing strategy, here are some of the reasons temp-to-hire is a wise idea. Leverage these insights to ensure your company never suffers from a skills gap at an inopportune time. You never know, you might find a great permanent employee who started as a temp?

Try Out a Temporary Worker Before Offering a Full-Time Position

Leveraging temporary contracts provides your company a unique opportunity to “try before you buy.” You get to see how a person interacts with your current employees and notice how they react under pressure. If the contractor performs worse than your expectation and simply doesn’t renew their contract. However, a superior performance possibly warrants an offer for a permanent position.

Optimize Your Staffing Expenses

The costs incurred during the staffing process all go for naught whenever a new hire makes a poor fit. Your company wastes the resources spent sourcing, hiring, onboarding, and training this person. On the other hand, following a temp-to-hire staffing model saves your company money over the long haul. Your company also enjoys the financial flexibility to add and reduce staff as necessary.

Quickly Close a Technical Skills Gap

Your company just won a contract for an innovative software product. Unfortunately, your team lacks the expertise in a specific technology required for this effort. Bringing in an experienced professional for this project helps you close the skills gap and complete the work successfully. The contractor might even be interested in joining your company on a permanent basis.

Gain Access to a Different Candidate Pool

Some professionals prefer to work a succession of temporary contracts, as opposed to searching for a permanent role. They typically enjoy the flexibility provided by this type of lifestyle. By offering the option of a temporary contract, your company gets exposure to a different type of candidate. Following this staffing model also adds a valuable level of diversity to your workforce.

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