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Work-Family Success: 3 Tips for Surviving 3rd Shift as a Parent

Switching to a third-shift position requires significant changes to your lifestyle when new to that schedule. Things become especially difficult when trying to raise a family while working nights. Ultimately, it takes a proactive approach to maintain a healthy balance between one’s personal and professional lives.

With a copacetic home environment as a third-shift worker in mind, here are some tips to help you cope. Whether the night shift becomes permanent, or something more temporary, these insights ensure you also stay productive at home. The balance you want is within reach.

Establishing a Routine Regular Schedule is Critical

If you don’t normally work the night shift, you must craft a regular schedule providing a sense of normalcy. For example, plan a regular dinnertime every night. Depending on your exact schedule, this likely happens soon after waking up.

A routine schedule helps keep everyone’s sleep patterns somewhat normalized. Of course, if you are a single parent, things become more complex. Use some form of child care for this scenario.

Ensure You Get a Proper Amount of Sleep

Maintaining a healthy amount of sleep is critical, especially as you get used to a third-shift schedule. Ensure your home bedroom provides a sense of sanctuary, with blackout curtains, earplugs, and perhaps a white noise machine. Also, remind your children not to disturb you. This likely means no loud activities during your sleep time.

Also, consider practicing meditation to enhance the effectiveness of your sleep. Spending some time meditating during a break at work helps lower your stress levels; providing significant benefits to your well-being. Regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet also helps in this regard.

Stay Hydrated, but Only Use Caffeine When Working

Speaking of a healthy diet, staying hydrated remains an important part of staying engaged on the night shift. Of course, you also need to keep drinking water throughout the day. But be sure to stop two hours before you go to sleep to prevent any “nocturnal” bathroom breaks.

If you use caffeine to help maintain your energy level, only do so when actually working. Of course, a caffeinated beverage when driving to work helps inspire you for the upcoming shift. However, stimulants when off the clock only serve to disrupt your sleeping schedule.

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