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Why You Should Be Conducting ‘Stay’ Interviews

Employee retention plays a key role in the success of any company – no matter their business sector. The array of lost expenses when an employee leaves – sourcing, hiring, onboarding, training, and more – hampers an organization’s growth. Your company also suffers a significant hit to its productivity whenever a valued employee leaves.

The “stay” interview attempts to convince any resigning employee to remain with the company. Considering the difficulty when sourcing in-demand tech talent, your company must consider this approach. After all, retaining your employees helps protect the organization’s profitability. Here is an overview of this interview type.

Don’t Wait Until They Resign for a Stay Interview

A stay interview becomes more effective when conducted in a proactive fashion. In short, don’t wait until a top employee resigns. Make it a point to regularly meet with your best employees to get their insights on the company. Inquire about their career path and how your organization can help them achieve their professional dreams.

If your organization leverages a detailed performance review process, consider embedding a few stay interview questions during those meetings. Other companies schedule stay interviews separately from reviews. Following either approach helps nip poor employee morale in the bud.

Useful Stay Interview Questions

As noted earlier, stay interviews must focus on the employee’s career dreams and whether your company is compatible with achieving them. With that in mind, check out these suitable questions to ask during your organization’s stay interviews.

Are we providing the recognition and feedback on your performance that you deserve?

This question truly gets to the point on employee morale. In fact, it needs to be asked during a performance review in addition to a stay interview. Providing validation to your employees in this fashion helps them feel respected and valued. Consider awarding a bonus to your top performers as part of this process.

Are you receiving enough opportunities for training and professional development?

Providing career development opportunities remains an important factor in the happiness of any employee. The answers to this question identify whether your company needs to improve its training offerings. Providing tuition reimbursement is also important. Requiring employees to stay with your firm for a period after receiving this benefit also boosts your retention.

In the end, the stay interview needs to be part of any company’s employee review process.

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