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Hire Smarter: 5 Tips for Vetting Candidates

Making the wrong choice between candidates remains a critical risk to any organization. After all, the time and resources spent sourcing, hiring, onboarding, and training that new hire simply go for naught. Also, don’t forget the significant loss in productivity suffered by your company.

Simply put, your company needs to hire smarter. This approach includes properly vetting a candidate’s skills, experience, and their background. In the end, never fail to fully vet someone before offering them a position. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few tips on properly scrutinizing candidates.

Accurate Job Descriptions are Critical

Simply posting accurate job descriptions helps narrow down the field of qualified candidates. So if your company needs a Python developer to craft machine learning models, explicitly state this in the posting. Sure, that Java developer who applied for the position has a great résumé, but they aren’t want your team needs.

Verify Their Educational Background

Sadly, some candidates simply lie about their college work and/or technical certifications on their résumé. Once your company identifies its top candidates for an open position, spend time verifying the accuracy of each person’s background. Ultimately, this effort plays a key role in weeding out those potentially damaging hires. Dishonest candidates aren’t worth your time.

Use Standardized Questions and a Candidate Rating System

When comparing equally qualified candidates, the interview process becomes vital to differentiate them. Having a set of standardized questions along with a rating system helps your team properly score each candidate. In the end, this approach makes it easier to make the right choice.

Always Check References

Don’t forego the reference-checking portion of any hiring effort. In a similar manner as verifying a candidate’s educational background, you need to also vet their work history. Speaking with a former manager helps provide keen insights on how the candidate performs when under pressure. They are also able to confirm the skills and experience listed on the résumé.

Partner With an Experienced Staffing Agency

Working with a preeminent staffing agency for your hiring needs helps your company immeasurably. For example, the best agencies offer previously vetted candidates, helping to optimize your staffing process. This approach lets your managerial team focus more on running the business than vetting a candidate’s background.

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