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Do Temporary Workers Receive Benefits?

Wanting more flexibility in your life? You should consider working as a contract IT professional. However, you enjoy the full suite of benefits provided by your current employer. Finding health, life, and disability insurance as a temporary worker also causes you some consternation. You need to find out the facts before making that leap of becoming a contractor.  

Ultimately, your main question concerns whether or not you receive benefits as a temporary worker. Let’s take a closer look at this issue to help you decide on this change to your career path. In the end, having the right knowledge simply makes your final decision easier.

Benefits for Independent Workers?

When operating as a completely independent contractor, you typically don’t receive benefits from the company where you work. In this situation, vacation time and holiday pay just aren’t an option for you. Consider scheduling any vacations for the time you are between gigs. Sadly, getting paid for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other federal holidays eventually becomes a distant memory.  

Also, getting insurance is something else to add to your task list. Finding affordable health insurance is especially challenging and expensive. While the Affordable Care Act provides some options, most IT professionals earn too much to receive subsidies. 

On the other hand, life insurance tends to be cheaper, substantially so for younger tech professionals. Finally, some of your clients may require you to get liability insurance, so keep that in mind before going independent. Work with the client to determine their requirements as far as the amount of insurance you need. 

If Benefits are a Must, Consider Working Through an Agency

When raising a family, going without benefits likely isn’t an option for most technology professionals. This makes becoming a contractor a daunting process, especially considering the costs of health insurance. However, another option exists that combines the flexibility of contracting with the security and benefits of permanent employment. 

In this situation, partnering with a technical staffing agency makes perfect sense. You get the opportunity to work on different projects for a variety of companies. At the same time, most staffing agencies provide a full range of benefits to their contract employees. Yes, this includes getting paid for New Years and the Fourth of July. 

Connect With a Synerfac Recruiter 

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