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Beat the Heat: Hydration Tips for Warehouse Employees

As the summer season and its higher temperatures get closer, staying sufficiently hydrated becomes essential. It’s especially critical when working inside a hot warehouse. After all, being physically active in a closed space requires consistent hydration. It also helps you maintain your productivity level and overall health.

Here are a few tips for staying hydrated to beat the heat when working inside a warehouse. Use these ideas to stay healthy and focused on a productive day at work. It’s also a great way to get noticed by your managers.

The Significant Risks of Heat-Related Illnesses When Working

Spending all day working hard in a warehouse requires significant physical exertion, even in winter. But during summertime, when temperatures approach and exceed 100 degrees, you work even that much harder. In this situation, staying sufficiently hydrated is serious. Additionally, the problem becomes exacerbated when wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).

Sure, we already talked about maintaining your productivity level in this heat. However, a failure to drink enough water puts you at risk for harmful heat-related illnesses. Even at normal temperatures, the CDC recommends drinking water every 15 minutes. OSHA notes when working at temps ranging from 103 to 115 degrees, drink four cups of water each hour.

Pay Attention to The Signs of Dehydration

You need to closely pay attention to any signs of dehydration when working in a hot warehouse. This rule applies to both you and your coworkers. So keep an eye on any fellow employees at risk for heat-related illnesses.

Obvious signs of dehydration include excessive fatigue, difficulty focusing on work, and sunken eyes. Also, pay attention to a rapid heartbeat, dry mouth, and any suffering from extreme thirst. When observing one or more of these symptoms, take a water break. Seek medical help when any symptoms become severe.

Additionally, take note of the color of your urine. If it looks dark yellow, this is a sign of severe dehydration. Drink a large bottle of water as soon as possible. Bright yellow or yellow-colored urine means you need to drink more water. When your urine is clear, you are sufficiently hydrated.

Also, make it a point to take several breaks during your workday. This becomes more important during high temperatures and when in direct sunlight.

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