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How to Make Safety Training More Fun, Engaging, and Effective

Occasionally, your company needs to provide safety training for its employees. This is especially the case for manufacturing or warehouse workers. After all, maintaining a safe workplace ultimately leads to a more productive organization. Don’t forget; it’s also an important requirement from OSHA.

However, simply conducting training because it’s a requirement usually makes it less effective. Your employees tend to retain this important material better when the classes are fun and engaging. So check out these tips on how to make safety training more effective. These tips also apply to other types of training.

Provide Lunch and Other Perks for Each Training Class

Sure, it’s easy enough to require your employees to attend a safety training class. After all, OSHA essentially forces your company to provide these periodically, as noted above. Still, offering free lunch and drinks before the class helps your team feel a bit happier about attending.

Additionally, consider offering other perks for participating during the class. After the class, test your employees on the material covered during the course. Perhaps award a gift card to anyone scoring above a certain level. This approach helps incent your team to pay closer attention throughout the course.

The Use of Humor Keeps Your Students Engaged

Periodically inject humor during the class to keep the mood light. Not surprisingly, safety training tends to be a serious topic. Leveraging a few jokes or a funny graphic in the course material helps keep everyone engaged. However, try not to overdo the humor, as you run the risk of distracting from the actual class.

An Interactive Training Approach is a Must

Any training class where the instructor reads the contents of a PowerPoint presentation quickly becomes boring. Students lose interest, stop paying attention, and subsequently fail to retain the material. So make the training interactive, requiring everyone to participate. Also include some gamification elements, as it provides the opportunity to give out awards, as highlighted earlier.

Use a Safety Professional to Provide the Training

Hiring a professional teacher experienced in providing safety training helps make your class successful. Their superior presentation skills help them insert humor naturally while keeping everyone attentive and engaged. Ultimately, investing a few more dollars ensures a more safe and productive workplace as a result.

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