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4 Ways to De-Stress this Summer

Keeping your productivity high during the doldrums of summertime plays a key role in any successful career. After all, do you think bosses hand out raises to employees working hard only 75 percent of the year? Maintaining low-stress levels throughout the summer definitely helps you focus on your duties at work.

Here are some tips to lower your stress levels this summer to forge high productivity levels. In fact, some of these same concepts also apply to any season. Ultimately, maintaining an even keel ensures your career path continues to trend upwards!

Get Regular Exercise Throughout the Year

Exercising on a regular basis lowers your stress levels. Of course, it also provides a host of other useful benefits to your physical and mental health. If your employer provides membership to a local fitness club as a benefit, take advantage! Simply getting a brisk walk in during your lunch break or after work also helps.

Enjoy the Bountiful Summer Harvest

Throughout the summer, many local farm markets offer a nice selection of fresh vegetables. This bountiful harvest plays a key role in any healthy diet. So resist the urge for a fast-food burger and fries for lunch; enjoy a robust salad instead. Try to limit more indulgent lunches to once or twice a month. Remember, your overall health closely relates to your stress levels.

Meditation Keeps Your Stress Levels Low

Don’t forget that regular meditation also matters when lowering your stress levels. Consider taking a quick meditation session after your daily lunch walk. It helps recharge your batteries for a productive afternoon of focused work. Additionally, the more you meditate, the greater the benefit. So try to do so before sleep every night or after waking up.

In addition to meditation, breathing exercises also boast an immediate effect on your stress levels. Performing them subtly and quietly works perfectly at your desk or even in a meeting. It’s a great tool to use in tandem with meditating.

Use Your Vacation Time During the Summer

Sure, companies provide employees with paid vacation time as a perk. They also understand that their hard-working staff needs time off to de-stress. So try to take a week of vacation every summer. Use this time to explore the country or relax somewhere quiet and peaceful.

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