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How to Attract (and Keep) Young Professionals in The Workplace

Maintaining a robust talent pipeline helps most companies succeed in a dynamic modern economy. Not surprisingly, consistently sourcing and retaining young professionals greatly matters with any successful staffing strategy. However, retention becomes difficult considering the younger generation’s desire to grow their careers as quickly as possible.

When considering the costs of staffing, not to mention training, employee retention is vital for any healthy bottom line. With an eye towards attracting and retaining emerging talent, check out these valuable insights sure to help. Building a successful company over the long term requires this approach. 

Craft a Welcoming Onboarding Process

A welcoming onboarding process makes a new hire truly feel part of the team, helping them quickly become productive. This is especially the case when first beginning their career. Remember the golden rule about making an excellent first impression? It definitely matters when trying to retain employees longer than a year.

Obviously, make it a point to introduce new hires to the rest of their coworkers on their first day. Additionally, encourage them to get involved in team meetings and that their opinions truly matter. Also, provide them a set of achievable goals over their first months to quickly feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Have an Experienced Employee Serve as a Mentor

Somewhat related to an effective onboarding process, have one experienced employee mentor each younger new hire. This approach ensures someone new to their career feels more comfortable. Again, getting them productive and professionally engaged needs to be the goal of this approach. Depending on the size of your organization, their direct manager serving in this role makes perfect sense.

Use Younger Employees as Part of Your Recruiting Process

When a young professional becomes successful with your organization, they become a great resource for attracting other similar candidates. Encourage them to work with your recruiters and HR staff to tailor a message suitable for their peers. Leveraging them as part of the interview process by giving candidates a tour of the office also helps.

Develop an Internship Program

Finally, developing an internship program with local colleges and trade schools provides a great source of new talent. Also, make interns feel like contributing members of the team. Give them real project work to see how they interact with their potential future coworkers.

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