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Interview Prep: Answering “Why Do You Want This Job?”

Powered by a great résumé and personalized cover letter, you recently earned an interview with a top company in your region. Now the hard part truly begins as you prepare for the big meeting with a manager from their organization. After all, interview practice plays a critical role in any successful job search. 

Your chances of getting a job offer definitely improve if you answer certain questions clearly and confidently. This includes the traditional “Why Do You Want This Job?” question. So let’s take a closer look at a few strategies for dealing with this query when asked. 

Researching the Company and Their Open Position is Critical

Of course, analyzing your résumé – especially your professional history – is important before the interview. This lets you easily answer questions about your past since the information resides at the front of your mind. Once again, answering with confidence definitely helps your overall performance.

However, also spend additional time researching the company in question and the requirements of their open position. The reason for this relates to that time-honored question asking why you want this job. Use detailed knowledge about the company, their culture, and the job in question to inform your answer. 

Describe how your skills and experience fit perfectly with the requirements of their open position. Go into detail with the tangible results you made for previous employers during projects similar to this company. Also, touch on similarities between the cultures where you previously worked and your potential new employer. Expect this detailed and well-researched answer to impress the interviewer.

Are Your Career Goals in Alignment With Their Organizational Needs?

During your research, you determined the company in question values professional development. They offer a robust training program and tuition reimbursement as a benefit. Their organization ultimately wants to help their employees achieve their professional hopes and dreams. 

Emphasize these facts during your answer while touching on how they meet your career goals for advancement. Including this information provides another example of your keen interest in the job and your level of research. It also offers another chance to sell yourself to the interviewer.

Practicing Your Answer is Vital

Finally, make it a point to practice your answer to this specific question before the interview. Once again, this gives you the necessary confidence for a successful outcome. Even if not asked, use the information from your research when answering other relevant questions.

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