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4 Tips For Improving Your Job Descriptions to Attract More Candidates

If your company’s last ad for an open position failed to attract enough candidates, analyze the job description. Perhaps it provided too little detail on the skills and experience required for the job? Maybe the main issue involved not enough information about the great culture at your organization?

Whatever the reason, a compelling job description matters when trying to source talented candidates. So let’s take a closer look at a few tips to improve the return when advertising an open position. Expect a more robust candidate pool as a result!

Explicitly State Your Job Title

While catchy job titles help illustrate a casual company culture, a traditional approach works best for attracting candidates. In fact, recent research discovered many candidates end up ignoring job listings looking for “Ninjas” or “Rockstars.” If you want to hire data analysts, simply state that title in the description as opposed to “Data Chef.” Use other sections of the job ad to highlight your company’s cool office culture.

Have Current Employees Review Job Descriptions for Accuracy

Inaccurate requirements in a job listing ultimately hurt your company’s staffing process. This is especially in the case in the technology industry. For example, some IT listings call for 5 years of experience with a tool first released only 2 years ago. When faced with this inaccuracy, many tech professionals just laugh and then look for another opportunity.

To ensure accurate job listings, make sure current employees get a chance to review them before being published. Have them vet the required skills and experience, as well as the general duties of the job. This approach ultimately improves the quality of the candidate pool for your open position. 

Highlight Your Company Culture

Compatibility with a company’s office culture makes it easier to retain new employees. So be sure to highlight your organizational culture in your job description. It the best way to attract the types of candidates that become a great fit on your team. It also helps boost your company’s retention rate over time. 

Watch Out for Hidden Biases in Your Job Ads

Employing a diverse group of employees remains the goal of most businesses. To help achieve this important goal of the modern business world, vet your job descriptions for hidden biases. Using gender-neutral language in your job ads helps reduce any harmful bias.

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