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4 Steps to Customize Your Resume For Different Jobs

When you want recruiters to find you, just post an online resume to LinkedIn and other websites. However, if you’re interested in a specific position with a great company, customizing your resume improves your chances. In this scenario, you need to highlight the skills and experience matching the company’s needs.

With the goal of earning an interview for your dream position, check out these tips for resume customization. Following a similar approach to your cover letter also attracts the eyes of interested hiring managers. It’s the best way to ensure your job search ends up as a success.

Analyze the Company’s Job Listing

Take a deep dive into the company’s job listing, focusing on the keywords that highlight the required skills and experience. Also, pay attention to any descriptions of the company culture and specific project work. Identify any common themes throughout the listing and specific phrases they use. Ultimately, you want to show the hiring manager that you make a perfect fit for their open position.

Find the Matching Skills and Experience on Your Own Resume

Now peruse your own resume; noting the skills and professional experience that matches what the company needs. Especially focus on the capabilities and desired professional background that they emphasized in their job listing. You need to prioritize this information when customizing your CV.

Craft New Skills and Professional History Sections on Your CV

Rewrite the skills and professional history sections of your resume, focusing on the abilities and experience the company desires. When using a bullet point list, put the closest matches first. Highlight your specific experience closely related to the job description. Be sure to illustrate tangible experience; using facts and figures detailing the positive impact you made on previous employers.

Also, consider their company culture in your approach if possible. If teamwork is important to the firm, emphasize your affinity for collaboration. Use a similar tactic with other cultural considerations and soft skills. Remember that leveraging keywords that match the company’s listing helps your resume get noticed in applicant tracking systems.

Design Considerations Also Matter

Finally, consider the design of your resume. Creative positions warrant a similar approach to your CV. However, a clean and easy-to-read design works best for most open positions. Ultimately, remember that a hiring manager might need to quickly analyze hundreds of candidates for their open position. Make things easier for them.

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