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Does Your Company Support Parents and Guardians?

Successful companies generally provide the flexibility for their employees to properly balance their personal and professional lives. Part of this approach must include supporting parents and guardians as they handle raising their children. Of course, this process became infinitely more difficult for parents in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Even as the pandemic wanes, companies need to ensure their employees with parental responsibilities get the support they need. What follows are a few tips to accomplish this critical task. In the end, this kind of support remains an important aspect of any organization’s company culture.

Vet Your Current Workplace Policies

Take the time to analyze your company’s current workplace policies. Do they provide enough support for working parents and guardians? Pay special attention to anyone without access to health insurance and paid sick leave, especially temporary workers.

Remember, the pandemic isn’t completely over. If you employ remote workers, especially in other countries, the situation might be different compared to the United States. Keep this in mind during your analysis.

Flexible Scheduling and Remote Work Options are a Must

Many companies already provide flexible schedules as a benefit to their employees. Of course, remote working became the new normal due to COVID-related quarantine restrictions. Consider making these policies permanent to provide extra support to working parents.

While remote working might not be an option for some businesses, flexible schedules help stressed-out parents immeasurably. In a competitive staffing environment, going the extra mile in this area improves your chances of hiring great candidates.

Provide Childcare as a Benefit

Some companies also include childcare as a benefit for employees that are parents. If your business doesn’t currently provide this perk, consider doing so as soon as possible. Onsite childcare, referrals to service providers, and subsidies are all options worth exploring. Of course, the flexible scheduling perk mentioned earlier also helps.

Offer a Proactive Approach to Stress Management

Merely living during a pandemic caused stress for most. However, parents struggle with even higher levels of tension due to their personal responsibilities. One of the biggest issues involved helping their kids handle remote learning.

Don’t assume the anxiety goes away after the country reopens. Provide your employees access to services to help them better handle stress. Encourage them to meditate and take other steps to improve their physical and mental health.

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