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Applied For a Job and Waiting to Hear Back? Read This!

After finding a great job opportunity with a top company in your field, you naturally applied for it. However, the waiting continues with no response from their hiring manager about your application. Did they like your résumé? Are they interested in you as a candidate?

All this waiting is driving you crazy! If you wonder about the typical time to receive a response from a company, read further. Here are a few strategies on what to do while anticipating a positive response from their HR team. Ultimately, staying patient (and busy) is the right approach.

The Popularity of the Open Position Influences the Response Time

Not surprisingly, the popularity of a company’s open position directly affects its response time. For example, if they receive hundreds of applications, it obviously takes longer to parse through all those candidates. This is especially the case for any remote working opportunity where applicants might be located across the globe.

On average, expect to wait at least two weeks before you get a response. Perhaps it’s a note contacting you to schedule a day and time for an interview. However, you might receive a form letter (likely in an email) stating the company isn’t interested at this time.

Additionally, don’t be surprised if you don’t get any response at all. So focus on other opportunities when not hearing from the company after two weeks.

Should You Follow-Up With the Company?

Never follow up with a company after only sending in an application, unless you feel you made a perfect fit. In that situation, try to find out why they felt differently. Once again, assume they aren’t interested if two weeks pass. However, feel free to follow up after your interview with them.

Manage Your Time Wisely During Any Job Search

Simply waiting around to hear from a company after sending in an application ultimately wastes your time. Instead, try to keep a few applications in the pipeline. The best-case scenario when taking that approach involves eventually deciding between multiple job offers.

When chosen for an interview, remember that companies typically use multiple rounds of interviews before making a hiring decision. This is another reason to keep multiple irons in the fire. It ultimately reduces the time of your job search, while increasing your chances of getting a great offer.

Looking For A Job?

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