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Cybersecurity Advice Everyone Can Follow

With cybersecurity growing in importance at the home and office, protecting your network and devices from hackers becomes critical. After all, you regularly use your smartphone to access banking and online shopping. This makes you a target for online crime. In this environment, a proactive approach is a must for enjoying a secure Internet experience without worry.

So check out these useful tips on protecting your home network and computing devices from cybercriminals. If you now work from home after COVID-19, this advice becomes even more relevant. In the end, don’t let yourself be the weak link in your employer’s cybersecurity footprint.

Regularly Update Your Passwords

Regularly updating your passwords remains an important step in maintaining a vigilant approach to online security. Ensure your password is strong by using upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. Never repeat a password for two different websites, networks, or services. Also, consider using two-factor authentication anywhere that supports it.

Consider Using a Password Manager

Additionally, if remembering all those different passwords becomes daunting, use a password manager app. They help keep track of your passwords and the websites and accounts where they are used. Dashlane and Last Pass are two examples of highly-regarded and secure password managers.

Keep Your Smartphone Protected

Installing anti-virus software on your smartphone is another critical step for improving your cybersecurity footprint. This is especially the case if you use an Android phone, but iPhones also demand a proactive security approach. If you regularly use your smartphone for work, your IT team might require using their recommended antivirus option.

You also need to disable any automatic public WiFi connection feature on your smartphone. These networks lack strong protection and you never know when an unethical hacker might be lurking. They may try to gain access and steal your private data. Take special care if you regularly use your smartphone to access work-related resources over the Cloud.

Beware When Clicking on Any Web Link

Malicious web links are the main weapon used by phishing attacks. Because of this risk, make sure to closely analyze any weblink before clicking on it. Pay close attention to the URL displayed at the bottom of your browser when hovering over the link. If it doesn’t match the link text or otherwise looks suspicious, don’t click on it!

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