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Cybersecurity Tips Every Employee Needs to be Taught

The advent of remote working in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic expanded the perimeters of many corporate networks. Your remote employees likely access the company’s technical infrastructure from home networks with varying levels of security. Unethical hackers understand this situation, making these workers attractive targets for online criminal activity.

When remote working, the bottom line remains simple. Every employee must pay close attention to their cybersecurity footprint, or the company risks some form of online attack. With robust network security in mind, ensure everyone on your team learns these critical cybersecurity tips. Your company’s reputation just might depend on it.

Require Strong Passwords

Demand that your employees use strong passwords for any network or device connecting to the company’s technical infrastructure. As such, all passwords must include lower and upper case letters, numbers, and special characters. Also, enforce a policy requiring them to change their passwords after a certain period.

Teach Employees How to Recognize Phishing Attacks

Hackers use phishing attacks to fool the unsuspecting to click on malicious links. Those links usually install some form of malware on their computer or smartphone. Your company needs to train employees on how to recognize these forms of cyberattacks.

One sign of a phishing attack is emails where the displayed name in the email doesn’t match the address. Also look for links with mismatched URLs, as well as email text with spelling and grammatical errors. Your company’s SecOps platform likely blocks suspicious links, but this information helps employees secure their own networks and devices.

Enforce Automatic Updates of Applications and Other Software

While your company probably leverages Cloud-based corporate software, standalone applications also get used. Enforce a policy that requires employees to install all critical application updates on their own home computers, if relevant. This same concept also applies to Windows or other operating system updates. This approach plays a key role in ensuring a secure SecOps footprint.

Keep Company Laptops and Devices Off Public WiFi

Public WiFi networks are known for their lack of security. Thus cybercriminals typically congregate on these exposed networks, looking for an easy mark. Because of this risk, require employees to avoid public WiFi networks when using a device accessing the company infrastructure. In this scenario, using a private VPN is the only option for ensuring a secure connection.

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