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How to Increase Engagement and Productivity in Hybrid Employees

With remote working now normalized in the wake of COVID-19, companies need to be proactive in keeping employees productive. This concept applies to both remote and hybrid workers, as ensuring they stay engaged becomes paramount. In either scenario, making your entire staff feel connected as part of a team definitely helps boost engagement.

Here are a few valuable tips for improving the productivity of your employees when working outside the office. Leverage these insights to help them thrive no matter their location. Ultimately, these ideas help forge successful management techniques for this new era of working.

Ensure Employees Have an Ergonomic, Private Home Office

Simply stated, any remote employee needs to avoid working from their couch. To prevent distractions from pets and family members, a private home office is a must. It helps ensure they stay free from distractions, especially during virtual company meetings.

Additionally, offer them advice on making their home office ergonomic. A recent study notes that 92 percent of chiropractors reported more neck and back pain during the pandemic. This increase is largely due to poor ergonomics in home offices. Emphasize to your employees the need for a comfortable working area at home.

Provide Employees With the Tools For Effective Remote Working

In addition to helping them with home office ergonomics, companies also need to provide sufficient technology for remote working. Of course, they need a reliable high-speed Internet connection as well as a powerful desktop or laptop PC. Additionally, make sure the PC sports a high-quality webcam suitable for videoconferencing. Also, offer advice on proper lighting to facilitate video communication.

Using Gamification to Boost Employee Engagement

Employees outside the office nearly 100 percent of the time means other steps become necessary to keep engagement high. Consider using gamification techniques to help boost their social involvement with coworkers. Holding a contest for the best home office, based on ergonomics and design is one idea. Having a fun activity or two during an employee video meeting provides another opportunity.

In the end, managing remote or hybrid employees during a pandemic requires leadership to think outside the box. Leverage these ideas to provide your team the tools they need for success when working from home. Also, expect that added benefit of making your team more productive.

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