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Is Your HR Tech Hindering The Employee Experience?

With remote working now commonplace, companies need a robust HR tech stack to provide an exceptional employee experience. In the competitive market for talent, especially in technology, businesses that fail in this area struggle to retain employees. Just like with other aspects of the corporate technical infrastructure, state-of-the-art HR tech is a must.

In short, your company needs to focus on offering employees a great environment for work. This is the case for both in-office employees as well as those working remotely. So let’s take a look at an issue growing in importance for the modern business relying on HR technology.

Maintaining Employee Engagement and Productivity When Working Remotely

In short, the challenge faced by many businesses today focuses on the employee engagement and productivity of remote workers. While an HR tech stack greatly matters in this scenario, producing a company’s regular technical infrastructure also makes a difference. Ultimately, providing employees with a host of engaging Cloud-based services keeps them connected to work from their home networks.

Technology-savvy employees regularly using state-of-the-art online consumer services expect a similar approach from their employers. Keep this desire in mind when building employee HR portals in the Cloud. A similar concept applies to the interfaces used to access corporate applications and data. Poorly-designed services suffering from bad performance ultimately stifle the productivity of your staff.

It’s a situation where a business’s HR tech stack is now a competitive differentiator. If you want to retain your talent, an investment in a consumer-grade tech stack is a must.

A Streamlined HR Tech Stack is Also Critical

A recent study noted that an average large company now uses over 100 separate applications. This massive amount becomes overwhelming even when delivered using a state-of-the-art portal. In this environment, the training requirements for a new employee are also exorbitant.

Another research study discovered that an employee switches between different company applications over 1,000 times per day. Ultimately, it’s a scenario calling out for a streamlined approach to HR and corporate applications. Failure to do so simply makes your staff less productive.

Forward-looking organizations increasingly use a digital adoption platform (DAP) as a layer above a company’s HR application suite. It provides a seamless experience to reduce employee confusion while boosting their productivity levels. Is it the right choice for your organization?

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