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What Technology Professionals Want in an Employer

In a job market that favors candidates, companies regularly compete over the most talented professionals. This is especially the case with certain high-demand technology positions, like cybersecurity analysts or full-stack developers. Businesses must ensure they make a great impression on prospective new employees to successfully make that hire.

Understanding what technology professionals want in an employer becomes essential when sourcing fresh talent. This knowledge helps your company craft a message able to target the talented tech candidates you need. In the end, taking this proactive approach ensures your business never suffers from an IT skills gap at the wrong time.

A Policy That Provides Transparent Salaries

A recent study noted many technologists want to work for an organization with a transparent salary policy. In fact, it ranked second on the list of the most appealing things about an employer. This response reveals the need to offer generous salaries to tech employees, with standardized raises and annual bonuses.

Additionally, make it a point to provide a robust benefits package. These perks need to include a 401K with employer matching and a top-tier collection of insurance options. Of course, providing tuition reimbursement is also important for tech pros who want to further their education. Make anyone receiving reimbursement to agree to stay with your company for a period of time afterward. This policy also provides a direct boost to your retention rate.

A Proactive Onboarding Process

That same study also revealed technology professionals want their employer to provide an organized onboarding process. Leveraging an online HR portal as part of this effort makes perfect sense. New employees are able to fill out forms at their own convenience before their first day on the job. Considering the remote working transformation, virtual onboarding becomes essential, especially when making distant employees feel part of the team.

A Culture Focused on Professional Development

The modern technology employee values professional development like never before. The study highlighted earlier revealed employees boast a desire to learn from experts throughout their company. They also want the organization to make it easier for them to find these knowledgeable coworkers.

Providing a corporate culture that champions professional development lets your company easily meet the needs of its staff. Include a robust training program as well as the tuition reimbursement benefit mentioned earlier. This approach positions your business to attract new IT talent as well as retain its own employees.

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