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The Most Common Architecture Interview Questions

A well-crafted résumé combined with a personalized cover letter helped you earn an interview with a top architecture firm. An exceptional interview performance plays a critical role in receiving an offer, taking your architectural career to another level. So you need to spend significant time preparing for the big day, including practicing your interviewing techniques.

Understanding the questions likely to be asked informs your interview preparations, including practicing your answers. This effort lets you respond in a clear and confident fashion, raising your chances of getting that job offer. So let’s take a look at the most common interview questions asked of architect candidates.

Why Did You Decide on Architecture as a Career?

Questions like these probe into your love for architecture. The interviewer gets the opportunity to see how well you think on your feet when under pressure. They also want to vet your verbal communication abilities. This is critical as architects generally interact with clients in addition to coworkers and managers.

So display enthusiasm for your career to date as well as your love for being an architect in general. Also, provide a few hints on where you see yourself professionally in the next few years.

Describe Your Architectural Design Style

Architectural firms want reassurance that you make a great fit with their organization. So expect a few questions aimed at exploring your personal style as an architect. If you have the opportunity to bring your portfolio to the interview, be sure to practice describing each design. Again, rehearsal time lets you answer questions like these with the relevant information at the forefront of your mind.

Ultimately, your potential fit with the company’s design style becomes critical in earning any job offer. Keep this in mind when researching architectural firms as potential employers.

Explain a Time When You Oversaw a Building Construction Using Your Design

Architects also work with builders to ensure their designs get constructed to specifications. This is an area requiring both strong people skills and the ability to communicate with other professionals. Similar open-ended questions provide an opportunity for the interviewer to check both your experience and verbal communication skills.

Be sure to review your professional history as an architect before the interview. Once again, having this information at the ready lets you answer with confidence.

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