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The Best Online Resources to Build Your Tech Professional Skills

online resources to growFor any technology professional, the education only stops on the day of their retirement. Staying marketable in a competitive industry requires a strong focus on professional development. Ultimately, building your technical skills plays a critical role in forging a successful career in IT.

With a goal of always keeping your tech skills current, check out these online resources to help you learn. Consider applying your newfound knowledge to earn a tech certification, as it adds some depth to your résumé. Volunteering on an open source or charity project also provides you tangible experience to keep you in demand.

Learn the Cloud With Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) remains one of the most popular Cloud platforms in the business world. Companies regularly need IT professionals with practical skills in AWS. It’s one of the main reasons Amazon provides free online educational resources through their portal, AWS Educate. Additionally, AWS Training and Certification also provides 500 free on-demand courses covering their Cloud services platform.

The Industry Needs IT Pros Who Know Machine Learning

Machine learning continues to transform business operations in multiple industry sectors. These in-demand professionals command lucrative salaries while performing interesting work. Check out Amazon’s Machine Learning University for free on-demand courses to develop your skills in this critical technology.

Microsoft Also Offers Free Technology Educational Opportunities

Not to be outdone by Amazon, the folks in Redmond also offer their own technology education portal. Microsoft Learn offers both free and paid courses in their Azure cloud platform and their .NET programming framework. They provide courses specific to many tech job roles, including data scientists and software engineers. On-demand courses are typically free, while instructor-led options require a payment.

Check Out NPower When First Considering a Technology Career

If interested in a technology career while residing in an underserved community, connect with NPower. The company offers a free 23-week course on technology fundamentals delivered by senior IT professionals. The material prepares students for careers as a business analyst or project manager.

A Technology Boot Camp to Start Your IT Career

Per Scholas offers a unique free training program styled after a boot camp. After graduation, the company also provides job placement. Topics include cybersecurity, the Cloud, software engineering, and more. Both instructor-led and online course options are available. 

Do You Want to Level Up Your Career?

If you want to take your tech career to another level reach out to the team at Synerfac. As one of the top IT staffing agencies in the country, we know the companies looking for talented candidates. Connect with us soon!