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Must-Have Resume Keywords for Engineers

When sourcing engineering talent, recruiters now typically leverage online sources and modern applicant tracking systems (ATS). This places the onus on engineers looking for work to pepper their resumes with the hottest keywords companies want. It’s a form of search engine optimization (SEO) relevant to any tech professional wanting a great new position.

So let’s look more closely at what keywords to include on your engineering résumé. We cover the most relevant technical skills as well as the soft skills companies need in engineer candidates. In the end, this approach to technology resume writing plays a key role in any successful job search.

Keywords For Technology Related Skills

A recent study analyzed engineering job descriptions to determine the most commonly used keywords. Their findings included skills relevant to both electrical engineers as well as software engineers. For example, the top two skills listed in job requirements were hardware and electricity. Vendor management, compliance, and mechanical engineering also ranked among the notable skills for non-software engineers.

Some of the top skills directly relate to software engineers. These include computer science, scripting, and Python. The latter programming language sees wide use in AI and data analysis applications. Deployment sees wide use in a software engineering, but also might be in job listings for other engineering disciplines.

Certain Keywords Differentiate You From Other Engineering Candidates

To get noticed by recruiters, understanding the keywords found in job descriptions but not listed on resumes becomes crucial. In this scenario, two keyword phrases stand out from the pack. Both computer science and consulting experience are listed in nearly 75 percent of all engineering job descriptions. However, those two phrases only appear on slightly more than 25 percent of all resumes.

If your engineering education and experience focus on electronic or mechanical, mention consulting experience on your resume if relevant. Also include computer science if your educational background warrants it.

Most Engineering Candidates Use These Keywords

Additionally, certain keywords are seen on a majority of engineering resumes, but not in as many job descriptions. Including them still makes sense, especially for when hiring managers take a deeper dive into each candidate. Computer-aided design and vendor management stand out among these keywords.

Finally, make sure you highlight certain soft skills, like communication, problem solving, and leadership. Companies ultimately want to hire well-rounded engineering candidates.  

 Are You Searching For an Engineering Job?

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