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Top 4 Human Resource Management Mistakes

No matter the industry, managers play a key role in keeping their direct reports engaged, inspired, and productive. This approach requires a deft mix of business domain (or technical) expertise as well as meaningful people skills. Also, your management team ultimately sets the public-facing tone for your company’s entire business operations. Their influence remains critical.

In a tight job market and competitive environment for experienced professionals, proactive managers help your business retain its talent. With a goal of improving the managerial performance at your organization, here are some people management mistakes to avoid. Use these insights to continue to attract the employees your business needs.

A Failure to Get to Know Their Employees

Understanding what makes each individual employee tick remains a critical goal for any manager. This is especially the case with remote working now commonplace, while managers struggle to forge a sense of team. In this scenario, regular communication, including full team and one-on-one videoconferences, helps immeasurably.

Judge your company’s managers for their results, but also include their ability to connect with employees as a metric. Truly understanding each employee helps managers tailor appropriate professional goals; fostering employee success. They even gain a sixth sense to know whenever something troubles one of their direct reports.

Not Trusting Your Direct Reports

Any manager needs to trust their employees enough to think for themselves. Of course, providing direction and a set of achievable goals is also vital. However, show enough faith to let employees make mistakes, learn from them, and ultimately succeed. This approach greatly matters in the professional development of their staff at any organization.

A Failure to Listen to Your Employees’ Opinions

Managing using the top-down white ivory tower approach rarely gains meaningful results from the modern employee. Today’s worker wants to know that their opinions are both welcome and valued. Make it a point to regularly meet with each employee. They must understand your door remains open for their opinions, concerns, and advice.

Not Having a Transparent Communication Policy

Somewhat related to that last point, any manager needs a transparent communication policy. As noted earlier, this becomes especially critical when trying to forge a company culture with remote workers. Keeping everyone informed on everything from project status to the growth of the company is crucial.  

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