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How to Appreciate Your Employees All Year Long

Simply stated, your company needs to show its employees you appreciate them throughout the year. In a tight and competitive job market, fostering strong employee morale becomes even more critical. After all, when somebody leaves, your company loses the costs incurred in staffing and onboarding that hire. The loss in productivity might also hamper the organization’s profitability.

So check out these insights on showing appreciation for your staff each and every day. It’s the right approach for building a company culture able to retain its staff while also attracting new candidates. Since employees remain the life of any business, your managers need to take heed of this advice.

Employee Appreciation Day Exists so Celebrate It!

What better time to show appreciation to your employees than on Employee Appreciation Day? While not an official federal holiday, the originators of this annual event first celebrated it in 1995. It’s a perfect time to recognize your company’s top performers of the year. Using this day for awarding an extra bonus to each employee also improves the morale of your staff.

Spotlight Notable Employee Performances on Social Media

Highlighting your employees on your company’s social media accounts provides the organization multiple benefits. First, employees get the recognition they deserve for performing above and beyond the call of duty. Additionally, the extra publicity for the business attracts potential new candidates to an organization treating its staff properly.

Offer Meaningful Professional Development Opportunities

The modern employee wants to work for a company offering significant professional development  opportunities, including a robust training program. At the minimum, reimburse your staff for taking courses and earning relevant certifications. In fact, a recent study notes companies with training programs enjoy 24 percent higher profit margins.

Offering tuition reimbursement for earning advanced degrees is another must. Additionally, requiring anyone receiving tuition support to stay with your organization for a period also improves your retention rate.

Build Company Culture by Supporting Local Charity Organizations

Today’s worker also wants their employer to be active in the community. This includes supporting charities and championing diversity. So make it a point to host company efforts for local non-profits. As an example, what about getting the team together to build a house for Habitat for Humanity? It’s a strategy providing altruistic benefits while also forging a sense of camaraderie among your employees.   

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