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4 Tips For Assisting Burned-Out Employees

Keeping your company’s staff engaged, inspired, and productive remains the goal of your management team. However, this boost in productivity need not come at the expense of your employees’ well-being. Preventing employee burnout must rank among the most critical tasks of your leadership. Anything less leads to lower productivity and ultimately a strong potential to lose employees to another company.

A recent Gallup poll noting 70 percent of workers currently feel some level of burnout highlights this problem. So let’s take a closer look at a few tips aimed at helping burned-out employees. Leverage this advice to help your team members when they need it the most. In the end, this approach identifies a mature organization that truly values its staff.

Reward Your Employees For Hard Work

Crunch time on a critical project tends to be a breeding ground for employee burnout. So make it a point to reward your employees for successfully completing an initiative requiring extra effort. Sure, awarding a gift card or other financial bonus might work for some on your staff.

However, providing extra vacation time lets each employee destress and recharge their batteries. It’s a perfect way to prevent the seeds of burnout from growing into something more harmful.

Consider the Risk of Burnout When Scheduling Projects

Sure, keeping your clients happy helps keep your business profitable and expanding. You also need to consider your employees when scheduling your projects. Don’t promise an early completion if it requires your staff to work 60 hours a week. You might enjoy a short-term success, but you also run the risk of employees leaving for another opportunity. After all, your competition might understand the relationship of employee burnout to lower retention rates.

Help Your Employees Balance Their Personal and Professional Lives

The modern employee increasingly wants a meaningful balance between their personal and professional lives. Managers need to take this into account by giving them the time to handle any personal issues. Again, this issue also directly relates to employee morale and burnout. It’s also one of the issues contributing to the current Great Resignation in the business world.

Cultural Fit Matters

Employees who make a poor fit with your company culture tend to become burned-out more easily. Keep this situation in mind when it comes to office communication, project work, and assigned duties. Notably, fostering a welcoming culture helps all your employees. Also try to hire candidates with a strong cultural fit with your organization.  

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