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How Managers Can Recognize a Bad Safety Culture

Safety remains a critical consideration for any company operating in the manufacturing sector. It ultimately plays a key role in fostering a culture able to attract and retain talented and productive workers. Conversely, a bad safety culture adversely affects your organization in a myriad of ways. Preventing one from developing needs to be your goal.

Ultimately, your managers need to recognize the beginnings of any poor safety culture. In the end, it makes to easier to fix the issues before they begin to fester. So check out this advice on how to see the signs potentially developing within your own manufacturing firm.

The Lack of Meaningful Safety Plan

Any manufacturing company needs a sharply-defined and detailed safety plan. The absence of one remains a critical sign of a bad safety culture. The same rule also applies to any plan developed in a haphazard fashion. The best plans clearly delineate the responsibilities of each department as they relate to safety.

This proactive approach ensures everyone understands how to react whenever an incident happens. Don’t let an adverse event be the trigger than finally inspires your company into action.

Poor Communication on Safety Policies

In a related fashion, poor communication of any safety plan reveals a company with a substandard safety culture. As highlighted above, if nobody understands what procedures to take reacting to an incident, a bad situation becomes worse. Creating a safety team among the various departments at your company helps in fostering this vital communication.

Leadership Shows Little Interest in Safety 

Ultimately, building a culture focused on safety becomes easier with buy-in from your company’s executive team. If they show little interest in this topic, expect a short-shrift approach to safety throughout the business. As such, support from your organization’s leaders remains a critical piece in forging a safe workplace.

Poor Reporting of Accidents and Other Safety Incidents

A company that regularly fails to report accidents or other safety-related incidents reveals a poor safety culture. Accurate reporting provides the necessary data to analyze the underlying problems that lead to workplace accidents. It allows forward-thinking companies to take a proactive approach aimed at preventing similar problems from happening in the future. Conversely, companies that underreport or falsify this information simply lack a measure of care for their employees’ well-being.

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