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How to Highlight Your Conflict Resolution Skills

The modern business wants to hire candidates who thrive in a collaborative environment focused on teamwork. One of the important soft skills they want to find when interviewing potential new hires relates to conflict resolution. In essence, they desire employees with the emotional intelligence to seamlessly interact with coworkers whenever disagreements arise.

To attract employers, you need to highlight your conflict resolution skills on your résumé and during an interview. Let’s take a closer look at how to emphasize this information during your candidacy. It’s the best way to earn a job offer with a modern business aimed at success.

Conflict Resolution Skills to Include on Your Résumé

Of course, simply including “conflict resolution” in the skills section of your résumé serves to highlight this ability. However, other related attributes also reveal you boast the overall collaborative attitude companies want in their employees. For example, include empathy, collaboration, and mediation among your skills.

Remember, recruiters now rely on Internet searching to find qualified candidates. Including these relevant soft skills on your résumé helps companies find you more easily. Just be sure to provide examples of these skills in your work history, cover letter, and during the interview.

Provide Tangible Examples in Your Work History 

The work history section of your résumé lets you go into more detail on your conflict resolution skills. However, depending on the open position, you still need to provide other examples of your overall skill set. So don’t only focus on conflict resolution.

Still, provide relevant examples on how your empathy and mediation skills helped a project complete successfully. Companies want to see tangible evidence that you made an impact in this area. From a technical standpoint, experience in successful projects leveraging Agile and DevOps also provides proof you thrive when collaborating.

Be Prepared to Provide More Details During an Interview 

Of course, the interview gives companies the best reading on your skills and experience in a collaborative environment. As such, be prepared to answer open-ended questions on projects where your conflict resolution skills made a positive impact. Also highlight your listening skills and ability for mediation.

Remember to spend significant time before the interview reviewing your résumé and work history. Also try to rehearse your answers ahead of time so you speak confidently when under the gun. 

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