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Managers: What Your Employees Really Want

Keeping modern employees sufficiently engaged and inspired remains a critical task for today’s managers. After all, with the Great Resignation in full force, disgruntled workers simply look elsewhere when not professionally satisfied. In this scenario, understanding what their direct reports want helps managers provide the right opportunities for professional growth.

So let’s look more closely at determining the professional needs of the employees you currently manage. Leverage these insights to provide your team with a path to career success and professional happiness. Your company benefits from taking this proactive approach with higher productivity levels and ultimately an improved retention rate.

Ensure Your Employees Understand The Big Picture

Most employees simply want a sense of purpose from their leadership. So make sure your direct reports truly understand the big picture when it comes to your company’s mission. Fostering a culture focused on transparent communication definitely helps in this regard. Aligning employee goals with your own as well as the organization as a whole is also critical.

Provide Significant Professional Development Opportunities 

Disgruntled employees regularly mention a lack of professional development opportunities as a leading reason they looked elsewhere for employment. Your company must provide a chance for its employees to build their skills, and subsequently their careers. Offer a robust training program that leads to earning certifications relevant to their career path.

Of course, tuition reimbursement remains a highly-popular perk among modern technology professionals. Requiring anyone taking tuition assistance to agree to stay with your company for a period of time directly improves your retention rate. In the end, it’s the right prescription for fighting the adverse effects of the Great Resignation.

Let Your Employees Sufficiently Balance Their Personal and Professional Lives

Not surprisingly, the modern employee wants balance between the personal and work lives. It plays a key role in keeping stress levels low with higher productivity as a result. Simply providing flexible scheduling as a perk helps your staff focus on both home and work as necessary.

At the same time, remote working became commonplace throughout the business world in the wake of COVID-19. In fact, companies requiring workers to return to the office remains another leading cause of the Great Resignation. So keep this in mind when considering the needs of your staff. Some employees now prefer to work from home, and providing that benefit helps you retain their services.  

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