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How to Withdraw a Job Application

Many candidates find another opportunity or change their minds about a position after applying for a job. If this scenario happens to you, understanding the most professional way to handle it becomes critical. After all, you never want to burn any bridges, even in a job market that still greatly favors the candidate.

So check out this helpful advice on how to best withdraw a job application in a professional manner. Leverage these insights throughout your professional life to keep your career headed on an upwards path. Always making the effort to leave a positive impression – even when offering bad news – needs to be your goal.

Always be Honest and Professional

A professional approach work best when withdrawing your interest in a job after applying. Never lie (even a white lie), as you never know when it might come back to bite you. Perhaps the hiring manager from the company where you withdrew might be hired by your current employer? Simply apologize for causing any issues, offer your best wishes and regrets, and move on with a clear conscience.

Candidates regularly take themselves out of the running for a job for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they found an intriguing opportunity with another business? Companies with long, drawn-out hiring processes suffer this issue all the time. Relocation and a poor cultural fit also contribute to candidates removing themselves from the process. So be upfront with the hiring manager whatever your reason for looking elsewhere.

Contact The Company as Soon as Possible

Once you determined your lack of interest in a position, inform the hiring manager as quickly as possible. Don’t wait until receiving a job offer. Once again, taking a professional approach ensures that no bridges get burned.

Tips For Composing a Message Announcing Your Withdrawal

Use a standard format for a business letter when composing your withdrawal message, including your contact information. While sending it through snail mail remains an option, using email ensures the company receives your news quickly. In this scenario, email becomes the more professional approach.

Simply write a short message explaining that you are withdrawing your candidacy. Consider explaining the reason(s) why, but this isn’t a requirement. Always thank the hiring manager for their interest and time. Once again, being honest, forthright, and professional remains the best approach.

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