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Essential Keywords For Your Architecture Resume

When searching for a great new architectural position, obviously a well-crafted and concise resume becomes critical. However, most hiring managers now leverage online searches to find qualified candidates for their company. Because of this situation, you need to include the hottest keywords to attract the attention of interested employers.

With a goal of a successful architectural job search, peruse this list of the most important keywords for your resume. Including these in the skills and work history sections of your CV increases the chances of a job interview. When combined with a strong interview performance, expect to find a lucrative new architect position as a result.

Architectural Job Descriptions Include These Skills

Of course, knowing the top keywords included in job descriptions for architectural positions informs your resume-writing process. Assuming the hiring managers in question actually search for those keywords when sourcing candidates remains a safe expectation. Notably, these high-ranking keywords include both technical abilities related to architecture as well as soft skills.

As far as technical keywords, companies want architects with experience in AutoCAD and Revit. Include both in your skills section if relevant. Architecture design experience is also highly desired, so include that keyword in the work history section of your resume. Some companies also look for architects with consulting experience.

Notably, soft skills continue to grow in importance in many technical disciplines, including architecture. Companies in this space look for candidates with communication skills and an affinity for collaboration. So be sure to highlight both in the skills section as well as your work history.

Other Skills to Highlight in Your Architectural Resume

Analyzing what keywords other architects include in their resumes also helps when writing your own. After all, you want your candidacy to be noticed by hiring managers. Again, AutoCAD and Revit rank high on this list. Relevant skills in architecture-related and other applications include Sketchup and Adobe Photoshop as well as Microsoft Office. Architecture design and interior design are also highlighted on many resumes.

Again, other architectural candidates also include soft skills on their resume, illustrating their overall importance in the industry. Project management experience appears on many resumes, which may or may not be relevant for your candidacy. Companies also want architects with leadership potential, so include leadership and mentoring if applicable to your experience.

Are You Looking For An Architecture Job?

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